Baseball Season is coming up, and you know what that means.

Hot Dogs for days!

All of the classic comfort foods including steak, burgers, pizza, and even ice cream are enjoyed year round. That’s right, New York winters have nothing on avid ice cream lovers. However, there is an additional comfort food that¬†really only comes to life during America’s ballpark season. With warmth comes baseball season, and with baseball season comes hot dog season. Yes, you may be able to grab yourself a hot dog on the street corners of midtown or during a Hockey game, but it never has quite the same fulfillment as it does while watching a classic ball game.

The perfect match?

Baseball and hot dogs go together like spaghetti and meatballs or more questionable pairs such as lamb and tuna fish( Big Daddy Shoutout)., they’re a match made in heaven and who doesn’t like hot dogs. While we may enjoy turning our heads when it comes to reading the ingredients that make up a hot dog, we will acknowledge its great taste. In reality, what could possibly be better than heading out to a baseball stadium with a beer and hot dog in hand? Well, it was a long winter and we’re happy to move onto brighter, warmer days. While we may have missed the traditional hot dog baseball season, we’re just glad it’s back!

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