Pizza, Pizza, Pizza — everyone loves brick oven, toasty Pizza. It’s something that all taste buds are always in the mood for! Ok, well maybe not all, but New York tastebuds do LOVE pizza. Travelers from all over the world travel to the big apple in search of the best slice! The first documented United States pizzeria was G (for Gennaro) Lombardi’s on Spring Street in Manhattan who was licensed to sell pizza in 1905 (that’s a long time!). Pizza has become an American favorite that has turned into a $30 billion industry — approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year, plus an additional one billion of frozen pizza. That’s insane! It’s all about the pizza my friends! But where can you go when looking for the best pizza slice in New York? We’ve narrowed it down to the top three pizza spots that can be found in your hood.

The margarita pizza with sausage and mushroom at Café Daniellos Pizza on 2nd Ave is something that one MUST try. It is a crispy delicious treat. This mouthwatering pizza known as the margherita pizza was actually named after Queen Margherita of Italy because she enjoyed this variety of soft white cheese, red tomatoes and green basil (this favorite feature are actually the colors of the Italian flag — go figure!) Or try their grandma Sicilian pizza with fresh sausage, roasted pepper and fresh garlic! And to top it off, you won’t feel that bad about eating that pizza because it’s loaded with other vegetables and nutritious meats. At least that’s our justification for loading up on an uneccessary amount of delicious cheese and carbs.

Are you all about stone oven pizza? Joanne Trattoria on 68th street has delicious pizza’s that range from their popular “works” pizza — which include unlimited toppings of artichoke, arugula, eggplant, mushroom, ricotta, bolognese, chopped clam — or you can build your own (which is always nice) and just add spinach, tomato and gorgonzola — you name it but it’s all about you! And last but not least, there is a little spot right in the heart of Long Island City called L’inizio Pizza Bar.  The pizza’s are crispy and delightful and its great to know that you can pair it with a nice glass of selective red wine. I mean really, wine not? So gluten filled menu’s arent’ your thing? L’inizio offers gluten free options!  And yes, they are also known for their garlic knots (you know it can also be about the knots too).

So go treat yourselves already, geeze. Everyone loves themselves some pizza. This can be a yummy treat on a night out with your friends or just have a “me” day and grab a toasty slice after a stroll through the neighborhood. It’s always pizza time in New York! You know you want to munch away on crispy goodness. #pizzaisyummy #pizzasocrispy #yummyfoodie #justpizza

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