Ah, Valentine’s Day. Every year on February 14th, every girl in a relationship knows it’s her day to shine.

Expensive date, flowers and most importantly, those chocolates in the heart shaped box, a staple to Valentine’s Day. So what’s the deal? What’s the madness behind buying mediocre chocolate in a heart shaped box?

While price isn’t necessarily an object on this genuinely love filled holiday not driven by money whatsoever (am I right?), trying to impress your significant other with Valentines merchandise can cost you a pretty penny. But why the heart shaped chocolate boxes? The main issue I see here is the taste of the individual pieces of chocolate. I mean in a given 20 piece box, how many of the chocolates are actually good? There’s only 3 or 4 pieces of your go-to caramel pieces until you’re left with mysterious pieces, filled with daring, questionable and exotic fillings (who requested the peach cream filling anyways?) After you’ve run out of your favorite pieces, you’re left scrambling around the box daringly biting into each piece to see if it’s any good.

Like Costanza said “Ring Dings are better than anything you’ll ever get at a bakery.” So what gives? A regular candy bar can be better than anything you’ll get in that box of chocolates. Instead of the box of heart shaped chocolate, maybe a Twix, Snickers or Peanut Butter Cup would be better much better fitting. So if chocolate’s her thing, think outside of the heart shaped box this year.

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