Is Super Bowl Sunday the Greatest Food Day of the Year?

While the Super Bowl takes the cake when it comes to amazing appetizers and party food favorites, there are three other competing holidays that offer mouthwatering bites. The classic food-driven holidays including Thanksgiving, July 4th and Memorial Day include a range of traditional crowd pleasers, including turkey, a variety of BBQ classics, and a variety of different dishes full of vegetables masked with something more appealing such as carbs, and cheese (Seriously though, do those mashed potato bacon bites count as a serving of vegetables?)

The real tie breaker comes down to Super Bowl Sunday and Thanksgiving. But is it fair to compare the two?

Hands down, when we think of Thanksgiving, we immediately think of food. We may also think of the excessive number of calories consumed that day, but hey! Calories don’t count on Holidays, right?  The endless food, the football and sports filled weekend, never ending leftovers, and the excitement of black Friday deals to really kick off the holiday season..what’s better than that? Yet, while Thanksgiving is amazing for all of the above reasons, Super Bowl Sunday has a much more relaxed feel. Instead of stuffing our faces between the first, second, and maybe third course (does anyone actually keep track?) during Thanksgiving, you can eat all throughout the day on Super Bowl Sunday.  Instead of feeling obligated to dress up and to participate in a more formal sit down dinner, Super Bowl Sunday is all about distressing, pairing your favorite chip with your favorite dip, and throwing back wings with your choice of cold beer or drinks.


Fear not, because the best diets always “start tomorrow”. 

But not to worry, everyone knows the “real” diet starts the day after the Super Bowl. So, why not get in a few more servings of your favorite food and snacks before your New Year’s resolutions actually kicks in?

So fall in love with variety this Super Bowl Sunday. Sink your teeth into pizza, wings, sandwiches, artichoke dip, and eat like the king or queen that you are for the entire duration of the game – and then some!

The Final Verdict:

While each Holiday has it’s evident perks, we can easily make room and fit both Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday into our favorite food holiday. Because remember, there’s always room for seconds.

P.S Ranch> blue cheese for wings.

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