FIFA world cup

FIFA world cup

The Top New York Spots to Celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup


Photo credit: Courtesy of FIFA


Gear up, assemble your friends, and get you drink on, because June 14th marks the 21st FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is a world wide soccer tournament that brings people together across the globe. Whether it’s washing jerseys, polishing soccer balls, or finding venues – fans everywhere are preparing to support their favorite team. The 2018 World Cup is to be hosted in Russia, making it the first ever FIFA world cup to be held in Eastern Europe. It’s going to be an event to remember, so its essential that you have the perfect place to be when it happens. HungerPass has you covered with the top spots in New York to celebrate the 2018 World Cup.

Brik Bar Lounge & Kitchen

32-16 Steinway St, Astoria, NY 11103

Photo: Courtesy of Brik Bar Lounge & Kitchen

Burgers and Barbeque anyone? Brik Bar Lounge and Kitchen offers a variety of classic sport foods including mac and cheese, fish and chips, and their specialty Brik Burger. Come on in and enjoy the vintage exposed brick lounge while you sit back, relax, and watch the World Cup. Be sure to arrive early for Happy Hour – $6 frozen margaritas and a $20 bucket of Coors beer. Don’t forget to flash your HungerPass app for 15% off your bill!

Sons of Essex

133 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

Photo: Courtesy of Sons of Essex

For an electrifying atmosphere and fantastic drinks, look no further than Sons of Essex for your World Cup experience. This bar is full of great tunes and deals – With the HungerPass app, you can receive 15% off! Or come in on a Tuesday for a whopping 50% off their food and drinks. AND Sunday June 17th, starting at 12pm Sons of Essex is partnering with Leblon Cachaca to celebrate the World Cup and Brazil. Come in to try Caipirinha – Brazil’s national cocktail while you enjoy the 2pm match.

Windy City Ale House

 7915 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Photo: Courtesy of Windy City Ale House

Chicago in New York City? What’s not to love? Located in Brooklyn, Windy City Ale House brings traditional Chicago vibes to Bayridge. Offering an impressive selection of tap beer (including chilled Guinness), their famous Tachos – tater tot nachos, and an entire wall of flat screens, Windy City Ale house is the place to be for the World Cup – Chicago fan or not. Be sure to show your HungerPass app to receive 10% off of your bill!

Atwood Sports Bar & Lounge

986 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Photo: Courtesy of Atwood Sports Bar & Lounge

With a first-rate happy hour menu and food to die for, Atwood Sports Bar & Lounge should be a top contender on your World Cup celebration list. Praised by Forbes and the New York Times, Atwood offers a classy, rustic space to anyone looking to enjoy the World Cup in style. With an order of their legendary spicy beef lettuce cups and a 20% HungerPass discount – you’re sure to have the perfect World Cup experience.



Written by Gabrielle Christensen



The Acai Bowl

The Acai Bowl

The Acai Bowl

Not so healthy after all?



Acai bowls. They are all the craze. And why not? These beautiful looking, incredibly tasty smoothie bowls are the perfect treat on a hot day. However, nutrition wise, these bowls might not be everything you thought they were. Traditionally these colorful smoothies start off with a puree pack… not fresh acai berries. This acai puree pack is then blended together with a mixture of frozen fruit and coconut water. It sounds healthy so far, right? Maybe not.


Let’s assume that were throwing a little bit of this and that into the smoothie. The standard is 3 ounces of strawberries, 3 ounces of blueberries, and 3 ounces of bananas. Three ounces is about the size of your palm, just enough to rest on the flat part of your hand without touching your fingers.


So let’s break this down; 3 ounces of strawberries contains 4.1 grams of sugar, 3 ounces of blackberries have around 4.2 grams, and 3 ounces of bananas have 10.4 grams of sugar. If we look back to that acai puree pack …16 grams of sugar. You’ve just made a smoothie with a whopping 34.7 grams of sugar. That’s about as much sugar as a Grande Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. Ouch.



We’re not done yet though. Once this gorgeous purple smoothie is all blended together, we pour it into a bowl. Judging from Instagram pictures, we’ll say anything ranging from a cereal bowl to a salad bowl will work well.


Now it’s topping time. Usually classic toppings include a variety of fruit. We will reference the particular bowl above. We have about a palm full of blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, and granola.  Believe it or not, that’s an added 22.5 grams of sugar. It looks fabulous, it smells fabulous, and you now have a beautiful bowl of 57.2 grams of sugar.


Don’t panic yet though. There are ways to still enjoy this delicious breakfast without destroying your waistline.

Forget the Bowl


Much of the acai bowl sugar problem comes from the portion size. It’s called an acai bowl, but if you want to trim down some of that sugar, why not switch to something smaller like a cup. This will make you feel less bloated after consumption, and possibly save you the sugar crash.

Photo: Courtesy of Clean Eating


Throw in Some Chia


Trick your stomach into thinking you’re eating just an acai smoothie. Instead of filling the entire container with smoothie mix, add in some chia to take up space. The seeds will add in some texture and a bit of protein to the mixture while lessening your sugar intake.

Photo: Courtesy of The Awesome Green


Swap it Out…Try the Low Sugar Berries


The amount of fruit is where all the sugar comes from in these tasty treats. Instead of adding more and more sugar, opt for some of the low calorie berries rather than high sugar fruits like pomegranate, pineapple, and mango.

Photo: Courtesy of Dinner at the Zoo


Coconut it Up


Try eating from a coconut bowl. The size of these bowls only take up the palm of your hand and are the proper bowl size that you should be eating out of. Not only will this slim down your portion size, but it will give a refreshing coconut taste to your smoothie. Try something new like Design Love Fest’s bowl and add in edible flowers rather than a boat load of fruit.

Photo: Courtesy of Design Love Fest


Written by: Gabrielle Christensen

Where to Eat After a Rough Week At Work

Where to Eat After a Rough Week At Work

Where to Eat After a Rough Week At Work

You’ve had a really long week at work and all you want to do is relax, let loose and enjoy something tasty.  There are a billion restaurants in New York but where do you go? Do not worry foodies, we have a few spots that will cater to all the different needs in this melting pot we all call home.

Sangria Tapas & Wine2902 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358 –  Do you want tapas, paellas, saluermia, delicious entrees and a legitimate happy hour from 5pm to 8pm? Yes please! This modern twist on classic tapas and wines from all around the world will have you forgetting that conference call from this morning. You have their traditional sangria, apricot, rosada, whitewine pineapple blueberry sangria to the godfather maragarita. You’ll definitely feel super relaxed after one of these homemade drinks! You can even pair it with one of their long selection of treats: patatas bravas with potatoes, garlic aioli, spicy guindilla peppers and tomato sauce or their shrimp mofongitos with mofongo topped with shrimp al ajillo. Or better yet, you must try one of their oh so tasty Peallas ranging from Paella de Verduras (rice paella with mixed vegetables) to Paella de Marisco (rice paella with shrimp, clams, mussels and calamari) for all those seafood lovers out there! You have a long list of enjoyable dishes right at your fingertips.

Coffee Berry Restaurant618 Amsterdam Ave, New York 10024 – This is the perfect place to get you back to that vibrant mood before the weekend! Coffee Berry offers a huge selection of delicious treats ranging from their homemade crepes with traditional and classic blueberry compote or try their homemade cheese blintzes with fresh berries. Want something sweeter? Their molten chocolate cakes are a tasty freakin’ treat! With sea salt chocolate ganache filled chocolate cake and seasonal berries, this is a must try. Pair these yummy desserts with a rich and creamy milkshake! You can choose from chocolate peanut butter swirl, mocha mint chocolate chip or New York cheesecake shake. Oh they have some sweet options my friends!

Rice N’ Beans744 9th Avenue, New York, 10019 – Just want to treat yourself to a nice home cooked meal without dirtying your kitchen? This authentic Brazilian Cuisine may hit the spot. Try a scrumptious slow cooled black bean casserole with bacon, Portuguese sausage, pork ribs and prime aged beef chunks, sided with white rice, farofa  and their famous home style hot sauce. OH YUM! They even have an awesome happy hour with Caipirinhas (classic, mango and guava), Sangria, Brazilian Margarita, beers and tasty appetizers filled with chicken stuffed croquette, cod fish stuffed croquette, cheese stuffed croquette, Brazilian pastry stuffed with beef, and the list just goes on and on!

Rough Week + Happy Hour + Delicious Treats = Ultimate Happiness 🙂 Just try one of these spots out already and have an awesome beginning to your weekend! #Restaurants #HappyHour #Sangria #Caipirinhas #Tapas #Desserts #Chocolate #Sweettreats

The Dinner Guide To Keeping It Classy Yet Casual.

The Dinner Guide To Keeping It Classy Yet Casual.

The Dinner Guide To Keeping It Classy Yet Casual.

It’s early in the week and you don’t feel like cooking (we get it, that is a typical New Yorker kind of living!). You want to meet up with some friends and want it to be a little fancy but also be affordable because, let’s face it, you probably had a pricey weekend. What do you do? Do not fear foodies, we have a nice list of delicious and affordable spots that will keep it classy as well as not dig too deep into your pockets.

Tavern on Third380 3rd Ave, New York, NY – 50% – This spot is a chill and scrumptious place. You can select from a variety of delicious treats here! Choose from their spicy tenders served with celery and blue cheese (or ranch) to a buffalo chicken sandwich packed with grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, pepper jack, bleu cheese dressing, carrot and celery salad on a pretzel roll. Oh, and they are served with crispy golden fries 😀 Or share with your friends and split a spiniach artichoke dip served with crispy tortilla chips. Yes, sharing is caring.

9ten Restaurant910 7th Ave, New York, NY  20% – It seems that people don’t know about this awesome little spot right in the heart of Manhattan, well Midtown West. You can enjoy their popular homemade crab cake with micro greens and siracha aioli sauce or try their Yellowfin Tuna Tartare tossed in a sesame soy ginger vinaigrette and avocado puree (all served with blue corn chips!). In the mood for a crispy sandwich? 9 Ten Reuben Sandwich is their most popular selection! Bite through warm shaller and weber pastrami, gruyere cheese, tobacco onions and house made Russian Dressing – all served with french fries, pickles and coleslaw. Or try their roasted baby beet & kale salad topped with grilled chicken for a more low carb treat.

Brik Bar Lounge & Kitchen3216 Steinway St, Astoria, NY – 15% – It’s happy hour SOMEWHERE so having a drink or two early in the week is something you can do to pair with that tasty grub you know you’ll munch on! And what a way to do that at this cozy spot! They serve Happy Hour Monday to Friday 12-7pm (now that’s a sweet deal!) – $7.00 vodka to $6.00 rum drinks you can sip on with your late lunch or early dinner 😉 They even have tuna cakes, chicken fingers or fish & chips to add to the list of happy hour special. There is a large selection of quesadillas, burgers, wraps, salads and more! This is definitely a place to try any day of the week.

There you have it, casual meets cool grub spots. You don’t have to always keep it classy because you have options people. New York is full of them so go and try one of them already! #casual #discount #newyorkgrub #restaurants #bar #drinks



Discount App HungerPass Simplifies Dining for Foodies

Discount App HungerPass Simplifies Dining for Foodies


Discount App HungerPass Simplifies Dining for Foodies

Always dining out and want to save on some cash? HungerPass provides an easy and fun way to dine and save all at the same time! This Free App allows you to munch on delicious food (drinks too!) all while saving some serious cash right through a click of a button.

HungerPass Allows You:
– Explore Trendy (and new!) restaurants near you
– Save up to 50% on your bill (yes, even on drinks!)
– Combine it with a few of your homies
– Dine deliciously and save endlessly!

Ordering in is great, but let’s face it – nothing beats dining out with your friends at a trendy and new restaurant that you found in a matter of a few seconds. HungerPass allows you to explore your current location for awesome restaurants and deals all through this exclusive app. Now isn’t that instant satisfaction? And to top it off, you’re supporting local eateries!

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